Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Online Library

Check out all the things to see and do at our Eastern Iowa Community College online library. We have a range of data bases for students in every discipline from Accounting to Zoology.

We have such offerings as encyclopedias, the Oxford Dictionary, and help with citing sources. A comprehensive list of downloadable audio books is also available. You will find our online library services comparable to those on any campus.

For some services you will need a library card, obtainable through the libraries of Clinton, Muscatine, or Scott community colleges, or any public library throughout the region.

All services are available through the convenience of your personal computer, day or night, from

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Proctored Exams

Some of our online courses feature proctored exams. A proctored exam is overseen to ensure integrity, and may be conducted at one of six locations in the Eastern Iowa Community College District. Locations and their phone numbers are found here:

About proctored exams:

1. Does your course require proctored exams? Such courses are designated with a “P” in the registration guide. If not sure, review the syllabus or contact your instructor. How many are required? Some instructors, for example, might require only a proctored midterm and final.
2. If your course requires proctored exams, has your instructor clearly explained how to set them up and where to take them? If you do not know the procedure, contact your instructor.
3. If scheduled for a proctored exam, call the test site to be sure the exam and proctor will be ready when you arrive.
4. Where is your exam site? Double check the time and location. Allow adequate travel time to be punctual. Being late can disqualify you.
5. Be sure you know the materials your instructor allows during the exam, such as notes or calculator. Proctors strictly follow the instructions given to them by faculty.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Communicating with Faculty

The format is online, but real people work at both ends as teachers and students. Communication is key to the experience.

How are you to contact your instructor? Some instructors use the Virtual Office option, a link found on the main page of your classroom site. Some prefer email, others the phone. Check the course syllabus to know the preferred method.

When corresponding with your instructor, post within your message the following: your first and last name, class and section number, phone number, and your campus of origin. Doing so helps your instructor to quickly identify you as the sender.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Online Tutoring

Every student needs help from time to time. Tutoring can often be the ingredient for success. Each ICCOC student is granted 15 hours of tutoring services per year. Service can be accessed round the clock from any internet linked computer.

Within your online classroom, click the link to online tutoring called Smartthinking. Twelve content areas are covered within Smartthinking, including Math and English.

Because online tutoring time is limited, use it wisely. If you need further help, the Student Success Centers on the campuses of Clinton, Muscatine, and Scott Community Colleges also offer tutoring. Call first to check on availability. The numbers are:

Clinton (563) 244-7100
Muscatine (563) 288-6001
Scott (563) 441-4026

Learn about online tutoring at:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Campus Cruiser and Your Online Courses

As an online student you will be working with a couple of websites.

Campus Cruiser, at provides email and communication services with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

Your eCollege courses are accessed through our stand-alone web site at at

You can access either website through your favorite browser anytime, anywhere. Create bookmarks for the sites and you are good to go.

Emails from your eCollege instructor go to your Campus Cruiser email account, so do check your account frequently.

Problems with access to Campus Cruiser email may be directed to our helpdesk. In Davenport, the helpdesk number is (563) 336-3456