Sunday, March 22, 2009

About withdrawal

We hope your classes are going very well. Sometimes a class, however, does not go well. Maybe your circumstances have changed since the semester began, or you found a course much harder than expected. What are a student’s options in such situations?
As advisors, we urge the student who is not doing well in a course, to do everything possible to salvage it. The obvious starting place for help is the instructor. We have discussed the fine support services for online students in earlier newsletters. When a student realizes a course is not a proper fit, EICC provides for limited refund of tuition, usually until the end of the first or second week of a term.
The student unable to pass may withdraw from the course before a set deadline, to avoid a failing grade. For spring semester, the last day to withdraw from an online class is:
For 16-week classes – April 24, 2009
For second 8-week classes – May 1, 2009

Such withdrawals, while they are displayed on a transcript, do not affect grade point average. Withdrawals after the deadline are not permitted.

MERELY ENDING PARTICIPATION IN A COURSE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE WITHDRAWAL, and is probably the worst thing a student can do to his or her academic record, as the student remains financially responsible for a failed course. Proper withdrawal from a course can only be done through an Eastern Iowa Community College academic advisor.
According to federal guidelines, any course a student has registered to take is considered an attempted course. Students must successfully complete 67% of their attempted courses to remain eligible for financial aid.
Financial Aid department asked me to also issue the following reminder for students attending school in the fall:

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